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Sandman Universe: New Straw for the Old Broom

Sandman Universe Cover

Sandman. It may not have quite the reach of Spider-Man or Wonder Woman, but it’s a name you can say outside of comics circles and trust someone there has heard of it, if not read it. Given that the character was essentially spun from whole cloth by Neil Gaiman and… Read more »

Black Bolt: Ahmed & Ward Serve as Conduits for the Cosmic

Black Bolt and Lockjaw Arriving Through Portal

When Saladin Ahmed was announced to write Black Bolt for Marvel, I noticed a surprising number of people excited to see him attached, who knew his name. Ahmed’s first novel had some time to gain attention after being nominated for a Hugo award and winning a Locus award, but I… Read more »

M. Dean’s Strange Magic is Spellbinding

M. Dean has a commitment to a line that feels both precise and uncertain, not unlike Katie Skelly. Both cartoonists also work in the woefully underused magazine size, separating them from contemporaries operating in much smaller formats, but it takes just a quick look at the color and tone of… Read more »